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How do I add margins between columns?

I’ve got a column-based layout that contains images. Here’s a screenshot of the relevant area:

I’d like to add some breathing room between the images (which are actually divs with the background-image property set).
However, adding left or right margins hasn’t been working too well for two reasons:

  • I only want space between the images between the columns, and not on the left or right edges of the page.
  • The margins shouldn’t carry over to the mobile view, where each image is stacked.

Is there a way to simply add margins between columns? Thanks!

Hi @raphie!

For columns, you can’t change the margin, because it will break our responsive grid. You can, however, change the padding for the columns if you apply a style class to them all (in the Style Editor > Current Selector field), and then adjust the left/right padding to whatever you want.

For the mobile views if the spacing that comes from your main style isn’t to your liking, you can simply edit the styles for the columns for those specific view sizes (and it will only affect those views).

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.