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How do i add break rule <br> and <hr> element to my site project

I dont know how to add Horizontal Rule and Break Rule to my web project… I cant find it any where in the Add element options as there are others…
Can any one gimme an instruction to follow about applying those elements???

Drag a HTML code widget and type <br> in it.

Or use a container and give it only a border to simulte a rule.

Webflow doesn’t support hr and br at the moment.

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For a <br> tag, there’s a trick that works for me. Inside a paragraph in Webflow, press enter twice. This actually seems to enter two <br> tags. On the screen you will see a blank line. Click there and press your backspace key or delete key. You should see the line broken as you would expect the <br> tag to do. When you publish the site, and look at the HTML, you should see the break as you expected.

For a horizontal rule, I create a nice graphic image of the rule I want, and include it as an image in its own section and container. That takes care of the break before and after, and it can be given whatever style you want. Otherwise the idea @vincent gave of a border on a container should work fine.

Thanks gonna try it out @JwebsBz

Thanks Mr Vincent am Glad to know this