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How do i add a music player

Im trying to add a music player but unsure as how to. Quite new at all this. Would appreciate some help.

I think you’ll need to just use a custom embed object - if you are sourcing your music from a service, they may have an embed snipped you can copy and paste in, as most video hosting services do.

If you are hosting your own music and want to add a player for those files, you’ll probably have to write or swipe custom code for an embedded custom html piece, but it would almost certainly be easier to find a hosting service that provided that. Sorry, I’ve looked over all the video hosts but never looked up music hosting services to offer suggestions of who might do that.

But Webflow doesn’t have an off the shelf thing for that, and my guess would be it would be down their list a ways if they were contemplating it. Just my guess though.

As @ramatsu pointed out - copy paste the embed code from a service like SoundCloud and paste it into the embed code widget.