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How create pop page showing collection template page

Hello everybody.

I’m building my first website with webflow. It’s very cool but i have one issue.

You helped me with my first problem, thanks so much but i’m having another issue.
I need to create a collection template page that pop up in front of another page.

For exemple :

if i click on this collection item

a pop up like this one opens

There is a way to do that ?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


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So the dropdown would act like a filter for the list below?

that’s a feature highly awaited by users but not yet available. However, there’s a way to do it, but it’s only working with a limited number of items, you’ll understand why:

Using a TAB element, you can achieve a fake sorting. Each of the tab is one of your list items, and inside of each Tab Content, there’s a list. The limitation here is you can end up with a very heavy page because all the lists are loaded. And there’s a maximum of 20 lists per page.

By default the Tab Links are presented side by side. However, using the technique linked below, you can turn a Tab Links list into a dropdown list. This is a neat trick by @cpjackman.

Very cool design already btw.

Thanks you very much for this tips. I’ll try and thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:

I want to see that site finished… :slight_smile: Can you come back here and update, or ping me when it is?

Oui, avec plaisir :slight_smile:

Has @vincent said, it would be hard to manage all your dynamic content inside a tab component.

One alternative I’m thinking of would be to use a Dropdown menu and use some page transitions to give it the single page feel.

Here’s a demo:

Read-only link:


Thanks a lot for this solution. I’ll try tonight. I’ll tell you if it’s working or not. Thanks again :slight_smile:

another day, another problem