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How change "Post to Facebook" image, text

Hey guys -

I’d like to use a “post to facebook” link on my page,, that looks like this:

Unfortunately I’m having 2 issues that I could use help with:

  1. The pre-populated header and description text is outdated. I’ve updated my website text a few days ago but it seems to still be grabbing old text
  2. The thumbnail image that is shown isn’t a good one. Ideally I’d like to specify an image that isn’t on my page, but at least I’d like to propose a different image from my page.

I appreciate any help that you can provide.


Hey @Colin_Roper!

It looks like Facebook probably still has your old info cached. I did some quick research, and have something you can try.

Go to and enter in your URL. Supposedly that will force clear their cache.

For the image, I think you can tell FB what image to use by putting some custom code into your head tag:

<link rel="image_src" href=""  /> 

You can do that by going to your Site Settings and then the Custom Code section. Let me know if that works!



Thank you sir!

That FB link got me on the right track. It still wasn’t pulling the right image in until I added:

into the tag via the "Custom Code" section of Webflow. Now it seems to all be under control. Alright!