How can I take what a user has entered in one form and put that text in another on a different page?

Basically, I’d like users to enter text into the search bar right there on the home page, and when they submit that it takes the text they’ve entered and puts it into the text input on the archives page (button at top right).

Does anyone know code I could use to accomplish this?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Cameron's Top-Notch Site

Hey Cameron,

On your homepage;

  • Change your FORM action to point to-
  • Change your INPUT Name to search, all lowercase, so it looks right in the URL

On your archive page;

  • Add Sygnal’s query-param-passthrough library here. Saves you some custom coding.
  • On your Keyword INPUT file, add a custom attribute of wfu-query-param = search

That should do the trick.

Thank you for the help Memetican, but I performed the steps you suggested and it continues to not work. The link should be updated with my changes.
Notes on some things for full disclosure:

  • I wasn’t sure how I should add in the sygnal code, so I did both an embed and in “before body” on the page.
  • I used “search2” instead for now as Webflow was informing me that something else was using the search ID. I want to get it to work first and once that’s done I can deal with that.
  • I wasn’t sure what you meant by “INPUT name” so I changed the ID, Form settings name, and text field name on the element to search2.
    Thanks for taking the time to help me! Here is another read only just in case - Webflow - Cameron's Top-Notch Site

It needs to load after jQuery, so you only want it in the before </body> custom code area.
Also, loading a script twice usually causes problems, so best to generally avoid that.

Try those fixes and republish, and I’ll see what it’s doing.

Thank you! Removed the embed, the script is only in the before area now. Still no dice.
My site again - Webflow - Cameron's Top-Notch Site
Thank you!

Thanks Cameron, that one was due to a lib change I made recently.
Update to version v3.38 in the URL, let me know if that corrects it.