How can i recreate this Form and Progress Bar flow on Webflow?

How can i build this type of form and progress bar flow on webflow?
Is it possible or i would have to apply a js?

Please see my reference site:

When you fill the form at number 1 it takes you to the second and so on till you complete the form while the progress bar is indicating the movements.
Can webflow do something like that?

I’ll appreciate your great assistance

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The form might need JS, but I’m not the right guy to answer that correctly.
The progress bar though is possible within Webflow!
Create a Div (progress bar) and put in in another div (progress bar wrapper). Make it the progress bar wrapper 100% width and the progress bar 0% width.

Then you have to create a few interactions with click triggers that you set on the “Continue” button of each form step. And you’d also create interactions for the “Back”-button and the aim for the interactions for both of these buttons should affect the width of the “progress bar” (NOT the wrapper) set in %. So if you have 5 form steps, you should make the bar increase in width with 20% each step.

Hope I’m not to unclear to you :smile:

:slight_smile: Not at all. It’s pretty clear. but the info that’s been submitted, where will they go? Oh maybe i have the answer, but would love to hear Yours :smiley:

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