How can I make embeded Google slide responsive?

Hi. I am embedding several google slides on the website. For the web version, I am embedding the large view and I want to make it responsive so that presentation would become smaller when someone viewing on their phone?

HI @Saran_Davaa Here is article how to but I will suggest you create a new testing page to make it work as with your current setting will be hard to achieve it. Once it will be work on testing page apply identical approach to rest of slides eg. copy paste working example.

As you can see approach is identical so it should work but feel free to find another sources :wink:

Thank you Stan! I found your tutorial and followed it. I tried all of them. It’s still not working. Can you please help?

hi @Saran_Davaa it is hard for me to work just by injecting CSS into your live page as I have no full control. You can PM me one iframe code (in DOM is extra stuff generated from Google) so I will be able to create example in WF. I really do not willing to type whole iframe code from image. :rofl:

EDIT: ok I have got one from you site.

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Hi @Saran_Davaa here is simple example. The embed element contain only iframe and CSS is in page settings.

Keep in mind that this is not working in WF preview mode

Here we go



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hi @Saran_Davaa if provided example helped solve your issue and you don’t have further questions related to your topic feel free to close your request as solved. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! you saved me from so much struggle!
I don’t know how to mark it as resolved.

hi @Saran_Davaa glad to see that worked for you. It should reveal checkbox solution when you hover over response but it have some issues and sometime this checkbox is not revealing. You do not need to mark it but when is it marked it can be found easily in solved issues for other users, if it is not visible now you can try it another day. :wink: