How can I hide drop down menu that I put in the mobile menu but want it visible on desktop

Hi there,

I have a Navbar with various dropdown elements within it - - what I want to do is on the mobile version of this is remove a dropdown menu option - however when I tried to make display settings none for the drop down menu option it doesn’t disappear - - if I just put any dropdown option on the canvas and toggle this, yes it goes invisible when actioned - why is this not happening for the mobile menu - Ideally I would like to be able to tailor options for desktop and mobile menus like this often - any help or guidance would be most welcome. I would prefer not to setup a separate Nav Menu for the mobile version as that would be too cumbersome for larger sites etc.


@cheekyb - Please reshare your project. The link is not opening / valid. It is also helpful to share a published link while requesting help. Some of us like to debug in the browser.

hi there my apology for the invalid link - the one above is a fresh one I have created -

I just resolved this same issue for desktop down with a codepen pen. I forked it for you. It should be self explanatory. Just a little custom CSS and add a class of “hide” to the dropdown toggle.

Many thanks for sharing this Webdev is looks really interesting - I will look at this - I do remember in the past seeing some forums where they actually showed dropdown option on webflow opening on right or left - I assume they disabled this feature in the past?

Many thanks again