How can I get rid of the white space under my footer on ipad device

I’m currently designing a website for a client, the website is working normally, but when I test on my iPad Pro 12.9, it shows a huge white bar underneath. I’ve tried removing the footer etc, and the white bar persists, but doesn’t show on mobile or PC when testing.

Any ideas what the problem could be here?

This is screenshot from iPad Pro 12.9.

This is how the bar at the bottom should look, shown from desktop

Here is my site Read-Only: [[LINK][1]]

Webflow - KBC)

Issue is only occuring on Google Chrome, on Safari, no problems at all

Paragraph 27 has a margin of 70 px on the bottom
remove the margin

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hi @Agha_Hussain I can’t replicate your issue on any iPads I have (tested Chrome, Firefox Safari). Please do not remove bottom margin in your footer as it has nothing to do with issue.

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Many thanks, I have cleared cache and it seems to have sorted itself. Was only my iPad Pro 12.9 it was showing on, so that’s good to know it’s not replicating elsewhere, thank you for taking a look!