How can I create an Nav Dropdown Link Line?

Hello, I’m editing an nav Dropdown link menu. The template I have, when you display the menu what it does is show the nav links and when you go over it the text moves a few positions to the right showing a colored (green) line (Nav Dropdown Link Line object). At the moment I edit one of the existing links, this “Nav Dropdown Link Line” object disappears. Therefore I can edit the names of the links (and destinations pages) but I cannot later add that “Line” object to make the effect of shifting to the right like the default objects.


And the estructure of the Nav items:

I don’t know how create that object, or associate it with the Nav Dropdowns Link (parent). Can someone tell me how to create one and associate it? I tried to duplicate one and drag & drop to Nav Dropdown Link (parent) but, this object cannot admits this action.

Settings of Nav Dropdown link:

Settings of nav Dropdown link Line:


Your best bet is to copy the Nav Dropdown Link, then select the parent Nav Dropdown Link Wrapper to paste.

It doesn’t work. I can copy&paste the first one (for example, Pricing).

But when I edit the name of Pricing and delete only “g” the Nav Dropdown Link Line dissapear:

it’s frustrating!!

Welcome to templates, designers get creative sometimes, at the cost of maintainability.
You’d need to share your designer readonly link for anyone to take a look.

Thank you Michael!

My designer readonly link is:

The designer added some characters or whitespace at the start of the item that is styled as a SPAN and turned into a line segment. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t delete that part.


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Thank you very much Michael, I have tried what you explained and it actually works like this. I have gone crazy looking for what it could be but I never imagined something so complicated.

you are a genious!