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How can i change just the text by clicking on the arrow?

i want to build a menu, where u can switch from text to text by clicking on the arrows left and right.
but i only have the options to link to a different page or to a page section before or after this section.
i would like to change just the text like a slide in this section.
i am new to webflow, can anyone help me with this issue?


What you describe is a Slider, actually, so starting with the Slider component from the Add menu, you can style your arrows, extract them from the slider itself to let room for the text, use custom code to hide the dot components on the center bottom.

You could also recreate the slider with IX2 but that’s IMHO too much of an effort if you can rely on the Slider element.

And welcome on the forum!

so its not possible how i did it?

Yes it is possible, use a slider element