How adjust div to bottom on Safari iOs Browser?

Hi there,

At home section, the 5th slide not adjust to the “real view” bottom on mobile safari browser.
How can I solve this? or how to force the browser send to the bottom, in the first slide…

Thanks everyone

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hii @Fede maybe this will help to solve your request

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Thak you very much @Stan but, not sure if I understand…

Just copy paste this code to the page custom code, but not working…

const appHeight = () => {
 const doc = document.documentElement"--vh", `${window.innerHeight}px`)
window.addEventListener("resize", appHeight)

:root {
 --vh: 100%;
body {
 padding: 0;
 margin: 0;
 overflow: hidden;
 width: 100vw;
 height: 100vh; /* as fallback */
 height: var(--vh);

hi @Fede I have checked live website on iPad and iPhone and first slide (and all others) are aligned to bottom as expected.

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Hi @Stan, the problemis with the last slide (background green) with a small text at the bottom left. This text is below the browser and should be seen

Thanks a lot

hi @Fede vertical snap has always some issues and need more attention to make it work correctly in all browsers on desktop and mobile. Sorry I cant help more but here is video with my opinions but first you should visit official WF page made in Webflow to find some example to study.

Good luck

Thanks for everything @Stan

I had to make second video as first didn’t have a sound. :joy:

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