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Hovering over button moving elements help


This might be a simple fix but I need some tips.

When I hover over this book now button, it moves the gap and text above, i have a few of these on the site. I added a border to the button so that’s what’s causing this to happen.

What setting should I use and where to stop this from happening?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Barbabros

Assign normal state a border with 100% color transparency

Then apply border to hover state. Keep in mind that the border width should be the same for both states.

I hope this will solve the issue.


Hi Ahmed, sorry but the border has to stay yellow. It’s part of the design. I can’t change that.

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I’m not saying to change the color of the border. Stick to your guides. I have just mentioned the way you can achive the desired results.

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Thank you @ahmed_qayyum - It worked! I just had to read your notes slowly and take my time with it. Thank you again.

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