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Hover visible in tablets & mobiles. Plase Help

Hello everyone. So basically i’ve designed a a page where you can choose from several pictures the one you want. When you hover it, information about this pic appears.

Initial State

When Hover

I realised that is imposible to view this information in Tablets or mobile phones…

I was wondering how can I do to show directly the Hover when you enter the website with a tablet.

Or maybe what other solution can you give me without re-doing everything…? This took me a lot of time…

Thank you very much!

The overlay element showing the infos, make it display on devices. You can even move it down to be under the pic… or alter it in any way the devices require.

Ohh, i was doing everything wrong… That layer has actually an interaction that starts with the layer on 0%. I can simply put ON the over mode…

Thank you you really simplified everything.

Thanks really

With your permission, I’m going to show this to my wife.