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I am trying to apply hover animation to my tiles under ‘My Work.’ Once hovered over each tile should display text (fades in) and once you hover out, the text should disappear immediately. For some reason, it only works once and doesn’t work again. Could someone please help me? At this time I’ve only tried to apply it to the first tile.

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Here is my public share link: Webflow - My portfolio website

Your hover off animation sets the display to Hidden. This means that your element is now Hidden and won’t fade in. For this to work repeatedly you’ll need to create a Hover On Animation that sets “my-work-hover-text” to an Initial State of Hidden.

OR for the Hover Off animation you can use the preset Fade Out animation


Thank you very much for your response! I am still trying to make this work. WIll update on the outcome.

No worries! If you need any help shoot me a message!

I finally got it to work. On hover in, I set my opacity to 0% and set that as the initial state. Opacity then transitioned to 100%. On hover out, I had opacity at 0% with no easing. It didn’t work with hide/show. Thanks again.
hover in and out

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Glad to hear it @nick_soonthorn ! Please make sure to mark this as solved.