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Horizontal Tabs in Portrait Mobile

I was wondering how to resolve this issue I’m having with the new tabs feature.

On desktop, tablet, and even landscape mobile, my tabs look beautiful:

As for portrait mobile… not so much:

I tried adjusting the width for the portrait mobile version, but it won’t allow me to go less than 15% (60px) - I suppose the reason that I have 6 tabs.

Help much appreciated!

Hello @tore_more

The reason why you can’t make width less that 60 px is that element has a padding 30 px on left and right side. And width can’t be less that sum of left and right padding.
When you will change padding you will be able to change width :wink:

Ok so your suggestion worked; eliminating the padding allowed me to reduce the width of the tabs, but they’re still oriented vertically…

See below, some of the tabs are now at 10% width, whereas others are 15%, but they still don’t go into a horizontal orientation, as I would like for them to do. Any idea what’s going on?

… Float left and they will go all inline :wink:

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Ah, duh. Sorry I’m such a newb. Thanks!

Last issue: After floating left, it appears my tabs content (“process rows”) is no longer in place and is not appearing!

Any idea what’s going on:

Sorry, it is hard to say without looking inside. If you could share read-only link to your project I would check and try figure it out.

Sharing button you can find on your dashboard in right top corner.