Horizontal stacked gallery

Hi guys
Trying to work out the best way to setup a stacked gallery to display projects like the one found in the link below, for the videography page on my site

: https://www.alquimiawrg.com/#/works

Any thoughts on the best way to achieve this?


Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/hyperwolf?preview=cf8ef8cd45aa11515853ba21e0f30b36]

anyone? Would love an idea here

Hi @mrcacaman,

This is the natural behaviour of a block element which would take 100% of the viewport width and stack naturally on top of each other in the document flow.

I really recommend you go through the Webflow university tutorials are they are very well made and divided in small memorisable chunks.

Also a bit of reading on the box model would really help getting your head around fundamental concepts of a web document flow.

I hope you will find you answers there.