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Horizontal scroll section with dynamic width

Hi! I’m developing a website with a horizontal scroll section with the help of Webflows amazing tutorials. Everything is working great! However, I’m having a small issue which must have an easy solution that I’m just not seeing here. I would like to create a horizontal scroll section that has its width set to auto, so that it dynamically adjusts to its content.

Currently it is build as follows:
div-track (display block, height: 650VW)
div-camera (display, block, height: 100VH, width: 100VW)
div-frame (display inline, height: 100%)
and then the content

Then in the interaction it moves on the X axis from 0%, 0VW to 100% -550VW.

However, I would like to set the div-track height: auto and set the interaction on the X axis from 0%, 0VW to 100% Auto. This should give me the solution that I’m looking for but unfortunately there is no ‘Auto’ option for the input of the interaction. Only %, PX, EM, VW, VH.

Is there a workout to this problem? Any help would be much appreciated!

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