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Homepage redirect


I have a client who wants to have a homepage redirect from “” to “” (i know this is bad practice, but aesthetics are aesthetics and the business cards are already printed!).

How can I create a redirect ONLY from the homepage to that address? Homepage redirects are not allowed in the custom redirects portion of the site!

Thanks in advance! S

As you can’t get deeper than Javascript with Webflow, I’d say use Jquery for that. You have a few working solutions on this page: (PS Jquery librairy is already called by Webflow, so you only need the script, normally. You don’t need to add code to call the lib.)

Hi vincent - thanks for the answer.

I understand how to do that, however the problem is that my jquery redirect code effects every page that the custom code is on. Have you any guidance on how to make the redirect only trigger on a specific URL?


Yes if you put the script in the custom code section. But there must be a way to add the script within the page using the HTML widget. Unfortunately, JS is not really something that I have knowledge for. I’m going to summon @cyberdave who’s much more of a coder than I am (: