Home page content disappeared. I restored from backup. Still not there?

I rarely visit our own site, but did today. Obviously something happened, because the home page content disappeared? I really don’t know what happened here? I restored from a backup, but that did not correct the issue (no home page content)??

Read only link:


In your template design, the body is set as a horizontal flex.
You want only 2 elements as direct children of that body- your Nav and your Page wrapper.

Currently, you have a duplicate footer, outside of your Page wrapper that is creating layout issues. Delete that. The one inside the Page wrapper should be enough.

Thank you Michael @memetican — was losing my mind there for a minute. Are you a Webflow developer? Thanks so much!

Hi Susan, ha I know the feeling. Web design works that way sometimes.

I do a lot of development on Webflow sites, but I’m not a Webflow employee if that’s what you mean.