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Highlighting Export Code

Hey guys,

I understand why you would disable the ability to highlight the code in the export module but it really helps me during the design process. I loved the ability to create in Webflow, highlight the the html/css, and copy it into to a Codepen. This way I could to mess around with some JS and have more flexibility with the code.

Also I pay $20 a month and it says I don’t have the proper plan to export my code. Maybe let the $20 a month guys highlight at least?

What are your thoughts?

I can select the code for an unhosted project on the pro plan:

I am on the starter plan with CMS hosting. I have a hosting plan and not an account plan. If you ask me you should automatically have a Pro plan if you have any CMS hosting.

@moofawsaw Webflow is saving us money by offering hosting on the Starter plan as a separate cost.

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