Hide/show interaction only works 1 time

Hello there,

in the section after “Discover our menu”, I have a card with 3 parts. The right part is a slider with circular components. Each one will have a show/hide interaction

on the left there are multiple images (absolute position + index z), the idea is that once I click on one of the sliders the image I want shows, while all other images become hidden.

I’ve created two animations for the “Cheesecake” and the “muffin”

They work, but only one time. When I click on the cheesecake, the image appears and when I click on the muffin the muffin image appears then no other clicks work. The cheesecake click will not work again.

How can I fix this issue?

Thanks in advance


for some reason the animation in share project link above is not working.

Here’s a second like to published site:

Hi @Mehmet, thanks for posting about the interaction.

I would duplicate the initial state actions for each interaction so that those are run each time the element is clicked instead of just at the initial state on page load.

See this video:

I hope this helps

Thank you very much! This solution worked out perfectly

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