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Hide CMS Pages from Google Search

Hi there webflowers,

TLDR version:
I’m wondering what the best practice is to hide CMS item pages from Google search? Is there a way to do it via the NOFOLLOW meta tag and apply it to all of them? Or is the only option to add a Robots.txt file?

Full version:
My first thought was that maybe I can apply the NOFOLLOW meta tag to the Blog Post Template under CMS Collection Pages since it reads: “Changes here will affect all pages that use this template.” I don’t see anywhere else I can apply this tag for CMS pages so I did put the code there, but I’m not sure that’s the right thing to do.

My other thought was that under CMS Collection settings, would I be able to use the Collection URL to hide the posts since they are all apparently organized into that folder? I don’t see an ability to add the NOFOLLOW tag here so I’m assuming my option would be to add a Robots.txt file to “Disallow: /post” (which is the folder name in my case)?

Lastly, I thought I could maybe add the Collection folder URL to Temporary Removals in Google Search Console, but it returns “URL not in property - Request a URL in the currently selected property or switch properties”, which I’m guessing is because it’s not an actual page, just the folder?

In hindsight, the easiest thing would have been to not publish it before it was ready in the first place, but there were other items I had to ship while I was working on it.

Appreciate any help!

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I have you seen this reply (11) 🚨 Major Webflow CMS Security Vulnerability - #11 by david_T

Thanks for the link! Just gave it a read and maybe I’m just not understanding it correctly, but I’m not sure it completely fits my situation.

Is it similar in that they are trying to hide the files uploaded/stored using CMS and those files they are trying to hide would be done in the same means that I am trying to hide pages? Sorry I don’t completely follow, but appreciate the help!

I thought it might be useful for some insight on how CMS content publishing works. The guidance from Webflow is Remove content from Google's index | Webflow University

Cool, I appreciate it! I am definitely not thoroughly proficient in the Webflow CMS. However, I did read that Webflow lesson before posting this as well as another one. I have followed that guidance on other pages that weren’t CMS items, but what I was specifically wondering was is there a place to add the code to pages built from CMS items or if that isn’t the correct practice for hiding these kinds of things.

I think it should work the same way for CMS pages, you can verify the code is present in the published CMS page if in doubt.