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Hide bottom nav bar on home page only. Nothing is working :(

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to have a nav bar at the bottom of my site which only appears after you start scrolling away from the first section. The only way I can think of is to trigger it from every section separately, but when I try it turns into a glitchy mess. I’ve tried a div block at 90% height of the whole site but that doesn’t work.

Any one know how to make it display on only one section?

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Here is the read only link -

Will :slight_smile:

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If I’m understanding you correctly, all you need to do is trigger it with a scroll interaction on the first section. You would set it to hide when that section scrolls into view, and show it when it scrolls out of view. You’ll want to use the % settings to control the offset you’re looking for.

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Ughhhh thank you so much!!! Some how been trying this for hours & it just wasn’t working. The way you explained it gave me a eureka moment.


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