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Hide and reveal not working? Also linking to in page question

Hello all,
thanks for all your help with my site so far.

I have two issues I would like some help with.
The first is around hiding and revealing a video. I currently have the video container to not display on load. The button then displays the container or hides it on click. There are a total of 5 videos and buttons that reveal content. It was working at one point, but now does not work at all. If it helps, I named each container that has the video different class names so that each button does not turn ALL of them on or off.

Lastly, I am trying to link to a certain part of the site using in page linking. It works fine, but I am having issues with my fixed nav covering up some of the content. If the fixed nav as not there, it would work fine. So how do I push down the content so that the fixed nav does not cover it up.

Here is the project in question:

Thanks for reading.

I solved the issue with the hide and reveal.

Can anyone suggest how to do in page linking so that the fixed navigation does not cover the exact spot?

Maybe this will help: