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Hi do I add "hidden" attribute to a div?


I have a piece of JS which shows and hides certain divs when links are clicked (tab-like structure). However right now the divs with the content are also written in the custom code. I would love to use webflow elements in them like galleries etc, but for that the divs have the

attribute, which will be later removed and added back by JS. However I can not seem to find where I can assign that to a div?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - LemonOne

There is a page in the Webflow University that I recommend you review if you haven’t.
It should help you resolve your issue.

Custom attributes | Webflow University

If you are still stuck, let us know.

Hi, I have researched the custom attributes before posting this on the forum, but thank you for the link :slight_smile:
The problem is that the attribute I use in JS is

so it does not have a name, only value, and from what I see you can only add an attribute that has a name:
Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 14.49.55

Am I missing something?

Thank you!