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Hey all do you know how to do this as a FAQ section?

Hey all do you know how to do this as a FAQ section?

If you see the link below they are able to click the link (in the FAQ section) and txt appears below and moves everything down …

Anyone know how to replicate this?


Hi @mattmcs , hope you are well… you can do this using the standard jQuery accordion feature:

Now I am not sure if there is any tutorial on webflow for this, but the instructions and sample html code you can use in your site is on the above link… probably when I have time, I can do a tutorial on this, or maybe some others might already have one… you can also look on the web…

Webflow has jQuery built in, so you just need to use the right html markup and the right jquery to make it work, but it is not too difficult, if you have a beginner to medium level knowledge of html and css and a follow the jQuery instruction in the link above, you can do it :smile: Also, if you get stuck on a sample site, you can also share the link and one of the people on the forum can give you tips or help, and if you want, you can also go to the freelancers section of the forum, and hire one of the fine gents (and gals) to help you with this.


Hey Matt we’re actually releasing something really soon that will give you this type of interaction. And no coding will be necessary. So hold tight!


So how much longer for this feature release Sir? I really am I need of it now! :smiley:

Hi @idaniellc, we have not yet implemented a jQuery accordion, but you could accomplish something similar with our native interactions. Here is an example of a show and hide interaction:

I hope that helps, cheers, Dave