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Hero pics in wrong spot help!

Hi I was using the margin and padding and now when I go to the live site the photos are not in the same spots as they are in the editor! Can someone help me???

You’ll need to share the “share link” so other people can see what’s going on.

Here’s the link to the post on how to do that: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Best of luck!

Okay, I think you’re talking about the hero image on your demo page beside “Visit our advanced technology center”. - If this is where the problem is, it looks like the Hero image should be in the Hero box or flex container but at some point must have been moved outside of it.

It might be easier to try converting the flex container to a grid.
Id do a grid with two columns with 1.5 and .5 fr
1 row set to auto

put hero image in flex container and convert the image and div (with the text) to manual and place on left and right.

Remove all padding, change position to static, and reset all sizes for the image.

Then, adjust the row to get the image the size you want.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Jeff!! That helped!

Do you see on the locations page how all the machines under Pennsylvania are out of their column. Do you possibly know what is going on there?

No worries,

I’m happy it helped. As far as the locations page, this is what I’d do -

Go inside of your section and down to your screenshot - Under width it says auto, but it’s shadowed in. Click on it and select auto again so that it shows up with white text.

This seems to fix any problems here with one exception - there is a photo “CHIRON” under Michigan that shows up small, but you have the same photo under Canada that shows up the correct size. - It looks like these are two separate photos, one originally 800by800 and the other 229by220 - if you replace the smaller pic with the 800by800 pic, I think it should be looking good.

Best of luck!

Wow you are a wizard! Thank you so much :blush::blush::blush::blush:

No worries, glad it helped!

Hey Jeff! I sent this out into the webflow forum universe two days ago and idk if anyone knows the answer. But I thought I would ask you since you seem so knowledgeable!! I’m trying to add a video preloader to my homepage to load then disappear. I set it up with interactions but it doesnt load and just appears black :confused:

Thank you SO much for your help and apologies to bug you again but I am stumped as I am just learning.