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Hero Elements Overlapping

On my hero element, I have two elements in separate columns (text on the left and ball on the right). But on tablet and below, they overlap. Is there a way to correct this?

Below the Hero element, I have a video that I’ve added using an embed widget. It looks fine on desktop, but on tablet and below it shifts to the right and is cut off. Is there a way to change it to position properly on tablet and below without affecting the size of the element on desktop?

Thanks in advance.


The columns of the row widget don’t overlapp: it’s your content that overflow outside the columns. You need to reduce/adapt the size of the text for each device. Also adapt the height of the hero section.

For the red piggy, you have a container set to 50% that makes it this way

I got it fixed on tablet using your advice, but on phone it’s still cutting off …

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