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Help with scrolling to anchors

Hi, i’ve created two websites - one was a bit of a mess around and the other was the ‘proper’ version of the same site.

On both i’ve connected the nav buttons to anchors in each section, enabling the page to scroll to the correct point when clicked. On the first, the top of the section stops underneath the nav bar (which is fixed) - which is what i’m after. On the second (‘proper’ version), i cant make this work. The top of the section goes to the top of the page instead, meaning the fixed nav bar ends up covering some of the h2 header on the section. I’ve tried every which way i can fathom but can’t seem to fix this.

Help please!

thanks in advance


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Hi @SBE, see if this helps you:

Cheers, Dave

Perfect, thanks. Turns out i had not called my header ‘Header’