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Help with PayPal integration

Hello, I have been trying to integrate Paypal with my Ecommerce site without result.
Webflow gets stuck and shows the attached window without progressing.

Stripe was integrated in a breeze but I would rather use Paypal.

Any help?

Hi @Temboselous!

Riley here from the Webflow support team.

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting regarding this PayPal integration!

Can you confirm the following for me so that we can understand the context going on here?

  • Have you tried clearing your browser cache and re-connecting through an incognito window?
  • Do you have another Ecommerce project connected to the same PayPal account?
  • Can you re-verify your email with PayPal?
    how do-i-confirm-my-email-address

Let me know, and I would love to look further into this as best as I can.


Hi Riley,
Thank you so much for the reply.

To respond :

  • Yes I have tried and nothing changed
  • No I dont have any other Ecommerce project linked to it
  • I have tried

To be clear, in the dashboard I click “connect to PayPal”, then a PayPal window appears, I enter my credentials etc. etc. and a message appears saying “your business account is now connected to webflow, click to go back to Webflow”. I then click and the window I posted appears and gets stuck there, nothing happens…

Hey @Temboselous!

Thanks for confirming this, as a reference could you share with me the preview link of the project for me to further check out what could be going on?