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HELP! with nav bar and linking to sections with interactions

Two things,

Im trying to set up my nav bar but the hyperlink section is not illuminated and states that navigation links cannot be nested? Im really unsure what that means, I tried putting it in a new container, new section, new everything same issue, even tried to start it from scratch. No luck.

Other thing is I’d really like for my form submission button to take a user to a different section on the page, I figured out how to use the interaction to reveal the section but its pointless unless I can redirect the page and their eyes to it.


By the way, I’m loving webflow, I told my fiance about how I felt it was like a gift from the gods lol

Send them love over twitter. They would appreciate it :wink:

Now, as for your issue, can you share your read-only share link with us so we can troubleshoot your issue?

Ill start a twitter and do it right away lol, I just needed a reason to start one.

Thats my link, I figured out how to link my nav bar to the sections, my issue that remains is how do I edit the “current” state so none of my links are blue in it. I cant seem to get the current state to pop up to modify it.

The other issue is the one I noted before, I have a form that when you submit will reveal the prices of my service, the issue is unlike the nav bar this button doesnt have a section under settings to redirect the browser to the section intended for viewing…

Thank you for the response :slight_smile:

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