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Help with design

Can anyone help me with this design? I’ve been struggling for some time now and I’m not going anywhere.
I’m close, but it’s not what I make in XD.

Thanks a lot!

Hello @Dragan_Miletic

What is that you need help with? Can you explain a little bit more? Also, when you explain a little bit more about what you’re looking for please send your read only link to help us provide a more detailed help.

I apologize, I thought that if someone could do something similar and send me a link. Just to see the way this can be done. I try with grid, but no luck.
Thanks @aaronocampo

Can you share your read only link please? So we can see what you have at the moment at start from there.

Yes off course… It’s in grid in About section.

I try to move divs but, there must be a better solution.

You’re pretty much there! :+1:

What part are you struggling with?

Yes, I am close now. I needed a grid 16x9… Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve only succeeded in this way.

Don’t worry about the number of rows and columns if that works for you.

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