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Help: Why can't I edit the main product image?

When I create a new e-commerce product, I have the option to add media: a main product image, and additional images.

When I go to edit the product, those image fields are no where to be found, not in the Designer or the Editor. Why does this happen and where/how can I edit this? Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Since you’re using variants, the main and additional product images are nested within each of the product variations:

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Oh okay that makes sense. So that’s where I would edit those images, per variant. A lot of control, nice! I understand now. And which ever the default variant is, that’s the default Main Image, correct? Thank you for your help Mikey!

No problem! And yep, the default variant is what’s shown before making a choice on the product page.

On a similar note, how can I make the product page show all the additional media? I would like the user to be able to scroll through all the pictures of the product, similar to how these stores do it: