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Help to create this component - Part 2

First of all
Here is my site read-only: My website
EDIT 1: Testing this link maybe the interaction didn’t work on a first place, just enter in designer mode and visualize the website from there and the interaction works on the middle dot

I’ve created a topic to create this component and with the great help of a member I could do that, it’s not exactly how suggested me but it was the best I could do.

The problem now is the second part: Interactions.

The way I did this component is totally awful to create interaction, the idea already works on the middle dot if you wanna understand what I want to do but replicate that on others dots are being so difficult ): that is why I am here to understand a better form to create that.

Thank you a lot!

My guess is:
Use the Z-axis for the circles. Increments of 10 in case adjustments are needed. But keep in mind, the issue of the same named classes.

Thanks! In the end I could make this component, not so easy to give maintenance on the future, but it works!