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Help Getting Rid of Montserrat Font in CSS

Edit - Resolved.

Hi, and thanks in advance for any help in getting this bug cleared up.

The site is setup to use a specific font (Manrope) but for some reason, there is a single reference to Montserrat in the CSS file under a specific class of “post-intro ol” (The ordered lists within the post-intro section of the CMS/Posts template).

This single reference is causing the Montserrat font to load many versions and I can’t find anywhere to change it’s setting to Manrope.

The website is not using any ordered list within any of the post-intros, and the ol portion of the class is a tag versus full style. The body(all pages), as well as the “post-intro” classes use the Manrope font for this as well, and I’m just completely stumped on how to get the “post-intro ol” class to show the Manrope font, and delete the Montserrat from the compiled css.


Thanks again for any help.

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