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Help finding a workaround alternative to adding interactions on nested classes

I’m creating a site for an adoption agency and very new to using Webflow.

There is a FAQ section on the “I’m Pregnant” page at the read-only link below. The site is primarily accessed by mobile users. So, I’d like each FAQ to open into a full screen overlay when clicked. I’ve started this already by creating a basic overlay and adding the interactions to make it open.

But I need each question to open a different overlay/a different question and answer. Since it doesn’t look like I can add interactions to nested classes, the only path I can see is to create a whole separate class for each question and create the two interactions (open & close) for each separate class.

This sounds pretty messy. Is there an easier way that I’m not seeing? And if not, is there a way to copy the style settings of one class to another without breaking the original class?

Thanks so much for any ideas!

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Hi @MindMeldCreative

First of all, Welcome to Webflow community :smile:

You CAN use nested classes in the interaction. All you need is create a global class with exactly same name. You don’t have to use it as a global class, but it will become available in the interactions and will affect nested classes.

Hope it helps.



You can also design it so the question and the answer are under the same parent div. Then use the nested or sibling option in the interaction settings.

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