Help Customizing Marco Webflow Template

Hi All,

I’m brand new here and have just purchased the Marco template. I’m hoping to find someone who can help me customize one of the versions into a cohesive, working site with my assets, text and structure.

Feel free to reach out if you have experience with this template and/or customizing templates in general.

Eventually I’d like to learn my way around here, but in the interim I’d love to see how I can improve upon my current website by customizing this template.


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Hi Brian,
I would be glad to assist you.
Sent you PM.


I am able to help you. I have good experience customizing templates.

Feel free to contact me. My contact info is here:
You can also pm me on the forums.


Hello Anna1818,

I just bought the Marco template and I’m playing with the Home v6. The scroll effect with the stacked background images is amazing but I don’t want to use CMS Collection. I’d like to recreate this scrolling effect from scratch but I couldn’t find any interaction or code in the template. I don’t know how they did that.

Any tip would help!

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It’s simply sections 100vh in size with a fixed background :wink:

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Oh my… you are kidding me! Thank you a thousands times mate! I owe you one!