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Help an artist figuring out how to fix some issues <3 [Parallax Footer & Horizontal Scroll]

Hello other Webflow designers,

To make this as clear as possible I’ll try to dissect my issues:


I’ve found this footer design that utilizes some sort of parallax scrolling effect which I would like to keep, I’ve altered some of the design and set all settings alike the original. The problems that I run in then are the following:

-When body is set to Auto, the effect is working as intended but not clickable.
-When body is set to 100%, the effect is working but I’m loosing my sticky header on mobile/tablet.

-General issue is that when I use backdrops with opacity less than 100% the footer is visible, this is due to the fact that it’s fixed and -1, therefor visible.

My ideal situation is where it works as intended, so the effect of a footer appearing underneath the body and not mess with my header/opacity backdrops. Working on all breakpoints if that would be possible?

Sticky Horizontal Scroll

@Vincent – I found his template ( for which thank you ). The problem I’m running into is that I can’t figure out how to make it dynamic, as I’m showcasing art, my series aren’t always the same number shown. I’ve made it work for 1 breakpoint :cry: :sob:

It’s only working perfectly for 1 series on 1 breakpoint.

The next steps

I would like to be able to do:

The thumbnails underneath the gallery scroll to be linked to their respective position on that scroll, if that were to be achievable.

Alt text from the CMS works displayed underneath the work, I.E. having a text element that takes the alt text as a dynamic item.

Thanks a lot for the help <3 – If any were to be able to help, always willing to provide an image for your computer background as token of my gratitude!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Aristo Vopĕnka