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Hello I have a question regarding sliders

I am trying to accomplish a slider that has an image and text at the bottom.
This image and text can be changed with the slider arrows. Each slide has a different image and text.

Here is an image example;

Is this possible or can anyone point me in a direction of this being done?

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Hi @11164. It seems a little counterintuitive, but I’ve achieved it by following this technique: http://webflow-tricks.webflow.io/how-to-sync-webflow-sliders.

Basically you make two separate sliders and use some simple custom code to sync the positions. That way when you cycle through one, it looks like the text under the image is moving with it.

Hope that helps!

You can accomplish this with just one slider. Drop a slider on your page. Give it a class name and a height of 100%. Place a div in the Slide1 slide. Give it padding. Add an image. Set the image to display:block. Add a heading and then a paragraph after the image. Rinse and repeat.

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This worked! thank you