Having Problems Scaling a div and keeping its square aspect ratio

Hello I’m looking for some input on figuring out how to make my emblem Div scale down between breakpoints. Usually when I need to scale something based on width i will use percentages or VW units. In this case I can’t use percentages as the emblems Div needs to maintain its square aspect ratio. I have done this and it leads to an oval image(The image is nested in the emblem Div). This leads me to using alternative means, I have a few ideas one which seems a bit unfeasible. This first idea is the bad one which is playing with the height and width percentages until the Div “looks” like a square when scaling between breakpoints, I have a feeling its not going to work because the width and height of the emblem Divs parent are different, meaning if you use percentages the output will always leave you with a skewed aspect ratio. With the first idea out of the way I bring up the second thought, this is using VW for the height and width of the Div. In my eyes this should work, I just havent gotten to testing it yet. Ultimately I was wondering how you the community would handle this issue, i feel like there is a better way that i may be overlooking. Thanks in advance.

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Upon trying the VW Method it has worked flawlessly.