Having difficulty with Disqus placement


I am experiencing great difficulty attempting to get Disqus positioned in exactly the spot I want it on my website. When I place my embed code before the /head tag, it sticks it at the very top of the website. When I place my embed code before the /body tag, it sticks it at the very bottom of my website. I’d like it to end up in the “disqus_thread” div on the Blog Posts Template page.

Any advice?

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/wishdish?preview=6c8cfa209eda7b29260b445d3ee27dde


It’s been a while since I tested this but I’m thinking you can use the embed element, drop the code into the element and place it on the page wherever you want.

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Oh jeez… I completely forgot about the raw embed element. I was adding my embed code to the Custom Code section of the page, then attempting to set the id of a Div right where I wanted it to appear.

Needless to say it’s working perfectly now and was a super easy fix.

Many thanks,

@ctrav you can just copy & paste the code into an HTML embed element and place it wherever you’d like the disqus element to appear on the page. :slight_smile:

This also works on Dynamic page templates (paste it on the dynamic template page and it shows up on every post page with a different disqus thread which is awesome if you ask me :slight_smile: )

Just saw you replied that it’s working for you Christopher, woohoo! Thanks for chiming in @jdesign :smiley: you rock!

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Glad it’s working for you now.

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