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Hand cursor over image with "interaction"

I have an image with an Interaction and want my visitors to click it. How can i make the “Hand Cursor” appear when hovering the image, like it does on my links?

you have two options:

1 - Put your IMAGE inside a LINK BLOCK

2 - give your IMAGE a class name
2a - go into your project’s SETTINGS
2b - click on CUSTOM CODE on the right side menu
2c - put in the following code:

     .ClassNameOfImage {cursor:pointer;}

I think the best way is the second one. You can also set a pointer cursor for all images like

  img { cursor: pointer; }

Why have I never thought about that…
Ok Mr Bartek- continue to post, it’s the second time I get a cool tip from yours (:

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Thank you but I think @PixelGeek was first with the idea :slight_smile: I just gave a global solution instead of class solution :slight_smile:

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hey guys,

is it possible to create your own cursor and use this?

body {
cursor: url(images/my-cursor.png), auto;

Not all images on your site are clickable I’m assuming, so maybe this isn’t the ideal option. But if all your image elements are clickable then go for it!

  a img { cursor: pointer; }

Hello guys,

Does the custom code work in the preview mode or only after the site is published?

I ask this because I’m doing everything you said and the cursor doesn’t change for the indicated classes.

custom code only works after it is saved and you publish the website

I see, it would be so nice to work in preview mode as well :D. Thanks a lot!