Hamburger menu needs to click twice to reopen

I’m using a template and I replace all the nav-links from new pages to page sections.
So when I click over nav-link, the menu closes and takes the user to that section.

Now to reopen the hamburger menu, the user has to click twice on the menu to reopen.

Also, the hamburger menu works fine for all the breakpoints except for mobile portrait. if you can look into it and provide me with a solution. it’d be great.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Muhammad,

The reason your menu is not working on Mobile Portrait is because your Hamburger menu is a different element on Mobile Portrait than the other breakpoints. On mobile portrait you have a hamburger menu called “Menu button 2” showing that has no animations set up, whereas there’s an element called “Hamburger menu”, which does have animations set up to show the menu.

So to fix this, go to the Mobile Portrait Breakpoint, select the hamburger menu and then add the animations :raised_hands:

Desktop breakpoint shows "Hamburger Menu"

Whereas on Mobile Portrait, it’s “Menu button 2” with no animations set


Set Animations

Fixed! :muscle::muscle::muscle: