Hamburger Menu Interaction Problem

Hey guys,

To set some context, i’m working on creating a portfolio website. I’m currently only working on the mobile version first. I want to create a hamburger menu interaction that reveals downward. When I click one of the categories in the drop down menu (about me, works, resume), it will scroll to the section and then the menu will disappear upwards. I was able to create this interaction but the problem i’m facing is that after the interaction ends, when I click the hamburger menu button again, there’s a glitch where the menu will quickly reveal downwards and disappear upwards. Once the glitch runs its animation, the hamburger menu acts normal as when I click it, everything reveals and disappears when I click again to close it.

At this point, i’ve been doing the method of trial and error, trying different settings but i’ve come to the point where I don’t understand why this glitch is happening. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

P.S. i’ve only started making the mobile portrait first so please view it in that state to see what I mean by the glitch.

Here’s a link to a 16 second video of what the problem looks like (you can see it the 0:06 mark):

Here is my public share link:

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