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Grow Template - Cannot see hamburger nav bar on iPhone

Hi everyone,

I have recently bought the Grow template and have quite a bit of success with it until this point where I am stuck - I am unable to view the hamburger icon on my iPhone (both orientations). iPad is ok.

I am able to access the button use to pull up the menu, but without the hamburger icon it seems there isn’t anything there to click.

I have tried:

  1. Changing Z values
  2. Creating new nav bar and dragging menu button over with accompanying icon (no difference)

A little stuck now to be honest. And would appreciate any and all feedback.


Hi @spencerj, is it possible that you could share your public project link? You can enable the read only preview link on your site settings page and then copy that link here. We on the forum can check it and try to help :wink:


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the quick reply! Just realised what the problem was… iOS8 beta. Realised it was showing up fine on other iOS7 devices! Maybe something wrong with Safari in the new one.


Appreciate the super fast response!

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Had this issue. Love how active this forum is - strange ios8 is causing issues for it :slight_smile: Cheers

I do not have iOS8 beta installed, so I cannot comment why it may not work, but thanks for reporting, and hopefully once the new OS version is out of beta, then we can see how things perform with a stable OS version. :smile:

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:slight_smile: Yes, not expecting a fix until its live, but its good to know I can test on other devices now and see everything properly.

Thanks again