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Grid stops scaling below 340px width of site - form block is problem?

A complete and total head scratcher for me. Luckily 99.5% of visitors will likely never know, but still want to understand why this is not working. The second white section of the read only link staging site is not working as desired.

Basically, if you go to mobile portrait, grab the view width handle and pull it in past 340 pixels wide you’ll see the divs in the grid suddenly stop scaling down; but, the grid outlines seem correct.

Does a Form Block have some kind of invisible minimal width that can’t be changed? I just tried deleting the Form block then the width was correct. But, no clue what to do to make it “just work.” Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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recaptcha is the culprit.

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Damn, sharp sense! I guess it just is what it is then. 99% sure just leaving it as is is okay. Thanks for the reply.

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