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Grid responsiveness doesn't match designer

Hey folks, not having luck searching for clues to this one so appreciate any guidance. I’m one-week into Webflow and am liking it, but of course there’s a learning curve.

In short, I’ve set up a section that looks like this. In particular, we’re focusing on the side-by-side Text Block and List Block.

I’ve got the Grid set for 2 columns by default:

…and 1 column for tablet and below:

However, no matter what I do I end up with one column and two rows live:

I can’t seem to find any settings to make this work properly and would love a little guidance…



Appreciate any help!

Hi, could really use some help on this one. Appreciate any thoughts? I feel like I’m missing something simple here…

In case anyone in the future cares, the template I was using seemed to have something somewhere in the styling that was causing this to not work properly. Multiple people struggled with it, including Webflow support.

I ended up systematically deleting classes until it started working properly, then fixed whatever had been deleted.