Grid responsive issue when for portrait mobile


To finish the responsive on mobile portrait in my second page “servicios” I encounter a problem I can’t seem to resolve as I have each section with a grid it alternates text/photo between right and left. I managed to re align vertically for the mobile landspace but for the portrait mobile I have all my assets that have popped up to the top of the page :confused: I’ve tried few things but I’m stuck on this one.

Any one has a trick here ? Also question, when you have sections like these where text/photo switch right/left as you scroll down should I have grid class different for each version ? (1 grid class for photo right, text left and another one for the opposite ?

Please help ! :slight_smile:

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Hey, I would recommend learning Client-First and seeing how it’s built, you have a messy structure.

As you see the page has weird padding.
If you speak Spanish and want to learn or have a mentor do not hesitate in contact me :slight_smile:

I corrected the padding issue and now trying to this section withou grid but columns to see if it’s easier i’m still stuck on mobile portrait. I’m loosing hope :confused: